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Waipa District Council to install $240,000 video monitoring system to help keep its community safe

18/09/2018 - The decision approved 13 cameras to be installed as early as November at key intersections in Te Awamutu and Cambridge. Council's roading manager Bryan Hudson said the project, initially driven by CommSafe (a Neighbourhood Support Member Organisation), is an example of community and Council working together.

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Hastings council reaching out to connect with communities

31/08/2018 - Ensuring Hastings is a network of thriving, safe, enjoyable communities is important to everyone who lives in the district, and is something the Hastings District Council has always supported. Whether it be through assisting people to set up Neighbourhood Support groups, holding street-by-street community events, or creating community plans, supporting the district’s diverse communities develop their strengths is an important role for the council.

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Keeping our local community safe

30/08/2018 - Look out for one another, get to know your neighbours, and always report crime to the police were some of the key messages outlined at a public meeting hosted by Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga, on the subject of law and order. “Pakuranga is one of the safest areas to live in, with the eastern part of the Counties Manukau Police District recording the lowest levels of crime despite being the most populated area. This is a testament to the incredible work that our local police do, and they are ably assisted by our Community Patrols and Neighbourhood Support.”

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More than 140 Tauranga residents sign speed reduction petition

26/08/2018 - Frustrated Tauranga South residents are calling for speed reduction measures to slow motorists they say are using their street as a bypass. Christopher Street Neighbourhood Support Group chairman Alex Emeny has lodged a petition he instigated with Tauranga City Council, which has been signed by 142 residents.

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Read the NZ Police Media Release:   Signing the Memorandum of Understanding between NSNZ and NZ Police 'Partners for community safety'

 Read "Perceptions of Community Safety in West Auckland"  The report highlights that community connectedness plays an important role in increasing perceptions of safety.   Community Safety is relevant at both individual and community levels. This research report is about perceptions of safety which is different from an objective measure of changing crime rates, or of actual levels of risk. The reason for this is that it is our perception of safety, or lack of it, that will significantly influence our sense of wellbeing, whether we feel comfortable to move about freely, the view we hold of other community members, and the levels of participation in community life by ourselves and our families.