Community Events

Community events are a great way to participate in Neighbourhood Support activities, to learn more about what is happening and connect with people living in your neighbourhood. They’re also a great way to mix with other Neighbourhood Support groups to exchange ideas.

There are numerous events and activities you can participate in to help make your community a better place: Neighbours Day Aotearoa, barbecues to meet your neighbours, working bees to tidy up the street, school holiday programmes, cultural activities, fundraisers and much more.

Talk to your local coordinator to find out about the events happening in your area.

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Moving to a new area is always daunting especially when you have come from a close knit community, with Neighbours Day Aotearoa approaching I extended an invitation to my neighbours to join me for a neighbourhood get together.

Since then, I’ve had my lawns mowed, received lemons, neighbours wave out when I pass. Neighbourliness does not mean that you have to visit each other every day or week for the next year, but it does mean I have a whole new support network that I can be a part of all year round.

H. Blissett

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For more information about events in your local community.

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