Partners and Sponsors

The Neighbourhood Support movement gains strength with every individual, family, street and organisation who joins. Together, we work to make our neighbourhoods and communities safer places in which to live.

We are eager to meet new partners and sponsors to discuss a range of initiatives and activities.

We encourage you to support the organisations and businesses who support our work.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police has a very close working relationship with Neighbourhood Support New Zealand and provides prevention advice to all Neighbourhood Support Groups.

The purpose of New Zealand Police is to ensure that everyone in our communities is safe and feels safe, ultimately making New Zealand the safest country in the world. We aim to have the trust and confidence of all, with the goals of reducing crime and victimisation, death and injuries on our roads and social harm in our communities. Our motto is “Safer communities together”.

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Pub Charity

Pub Charity Limited support worthy groups and organisations using funds raised through gaming machines in our member hotels and taverns all over New Zealand.

NSNZ thank Pub Charity for funding towards the development of this website.

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The Tindall Foundation

The Tindall Foundation provide funding to charitable organisations, offer capacity building, collaboration, along with connecting people and organisations together.

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NFP Works

Not for Profit Works (NFPWorks), matches organisations with advisers to provide tailored services and expertise in the charity sector. Working predominantly working with small organisations who have stretched resources.

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Community Patrols

Reducing crime and building safer communities: Community Patrols is a voluntary group of people giving their time and taking responsibility within their community to help the Police make the local community safer for everyone.

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Sticks 'N Stones

Empowering young people to take positive action online and off to stop bullying. With a focus on ongoing support, mentoring and training that leads to creative and innovative approaches that are relevant and connect peer to peer with other young people.

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Simple Strategies

At Simple Strategies we do not aim to meet your expectations - We aim to exceed them. Clients are an integral part of our team and Simple Strategies aim to simplify things for the team!

  • Information is presented and explained in a way that is understood
  • Communication is timely ensuring all obligations are met
  • Clients are treated honestly and respectfully

By applying creativity to your business you can increase your enjoyment of it — and enjoy greater control of your time and energy. Simple Strategies can help you achieve this.

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For all your framing needs: Cameo Fine Arts 2008 Limited, Rangiora proudly framed the inaugural NSNZ awards. If you require framing work contact Kirsty Watson and she will happily work with you to achieve a result that you will be proud of.

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At the end of last year a man with mental issues had wandered away from his caregiver in Papamoa. “We used the Neighbourhood Support email network and within twenty minutes I had four people from the Neighbourhood Support community tell me where they had seen that male and that led us on a path to his location.”

Sergeant Phil Gillbanks

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